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$300 million dollar Internet Enterpreneur

No body until Business 2.0 magazine and later cnnmoney digg the story about him, 37 years old and humble man, know him. Silently he own the internet in his own way : building 300.000 domain empire and monetizing it. Since 2000 he has quietly together a portfolio of some 300,000 domains that, generate an estimated $70 million a year in revenue.

Kevin Ham is a medical doctor by profession and a graduate of the University of British Columbia.

Kevin Ham entered the Internet in 1999, when he founded his first domain business, a webhosting review directory. Along side with, his two small Web ventures were pulling in more money in a month -- sometimes $40,000. A year later, Kevin formed Reinvent Technology, Inc media group of companies, and today the group has offices in Vancouver, Canada and Barbados. And after seven years of exponential growth under Kevin’s leadership, has become a global media and technology company. The company’s IP, technology and media arms work together to connect the hearts and souls of people around the world through words and visuals. Kevin is heading up several initiatives to become a dominant presence in the Web 3.0 Semantic Web, the advertising industry and local space, trying to reinvent media.

A self-learner programmer, designer and businessman, Kevin has become a principal professional in the domain name business, where he enjoys the reputation as an innovative online media space leader with few equals. (Name it : Yun Ye, Scoot Day, Garry Chernoff, Frank Schilling, and Richard Rosenblatt). Through Reinvent he is leveraging new technology, ideas, human and intellectual capital to transform this direct navigation enterprise into a cutting edge, global media company. The business of Reinvent is centered on the most powerful and intelligent domain portfolio and technology platform in existence today.

In a 2007 cover story in Business 2.0 magazine, Kevin Ham is referred to as “The Man Who Owns the Internet.” The same year, Kevin was proclaimed “Domainer of the Year” by industry association T.R.A.F.F.I.C. He most recently received the “Industry Achievement Award” at the DomainFest 2008 Conference in recognition of his leadership in the monetization of premium domain names and portfolios

Kevin Ham has looked for every opening and exploited every angle -- even inventing a few of his own -- to expand his enterprise. Early on, he wrote a perl script software to watch expiring names on the cheap. He was one of the first to take advantage of a loophole that allows people to register a name and return it without cost after a free trial, on occasion grabbing hundreds of thousands of names in one transaction.

All sites receive 30 million unique visitors a month. And it's really easy to get one of his web pool, type directly in address bar from your browser, and type it like ( not .com), and you'll landed at one of his portofolio.

What's new about his strategy that he, If he bets right, "If you control all the domains," he says, "then you control the Internet."

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