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Less Famous Youtube Third co-Founder

The technology pers-media is often using "2 person as a couple" stereotype in describing who's founder of tech company. We should know Bill Gates-Paul Allen, Jerry Yang-David Filo, and Larry Page-Sergey Brin. At very least pers coverage internet hits founder like Mark Zuckerberg or Kevin Rose.

So when Jawed Karim -now 29 years old- is come out and known as one of biggest stock holder in Youtube when people already familiar with "dynamic duo" Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, it sound uncommon. YouTube says Karim was part of the "core" team that developed the idea for the company and notes that he is listed as one of three founders on its website. Karim is one of the company's biggest stockholders and Karim received 137,443 shares of stock, worth about $64 million as of Google's accuisittion.

Who is Jawed Karim ?

Karim was born in Merseburg, East Germany, in 1979 and moved to West Germany in 1980. His family immigrated to Minnesota when Karim started high school. His Bangladeshi father is a chemist at 3M, and his German mother is a biochemistry research professor at the University of Minnesota.

He left campus prior to graduating to become an early employee at PayPal, but continued his coursework, earning his bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering in 2004 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2004.
Hurley, Chen, and Karim met as early employees at PayPal, the payment service sold to eBay in 2002.

The three, newly rich after leaving PayPal, talked about a start-up of their own, possibly a database venture, Karim says. Then, early last year, Karim recalled the difficulty involved in finding and watching videos online of Jackson accidentally baring her breast during the Super Bowl show. The same was true with the many amateur videos made of that winter's devastating tsunami. Karim says he proposed to Hurley and Chen that they create a video-sharing site. "I thought it was a good idea," Karim says.

The three agreed within a few days in February, then divided work based on skills: Hurley designed the site's interface and logo. Chen and Karim split technical duties making the site work. They later divided management responsibilities, based on strengths and interests: Hurley became CEO; Chen, chief technology officer. Karim had already planned to resume computer studies, so he opted out of management and agreed to take a smaller ownership stake than the other two founders.

He continued advising YouTube and a growing number of employees — now 67 — as Hurley and Chen took his "little spark" of an idea and turned it into a fire. "My only interest was in helping the company get off the ground, implementing it, and raising money," he says. Hurley and Chen then handled the Google talks; Karim says he signed off on the deal once details were reached.

Now in a two-year master's program, Karim says he's considering another start-up but declines to give details. For now, Jawed has launched a venture fund called Youniversity Ventures, with the goal of helping current and former university students to launch their business ideas.

Karim describes himself as "one of the biggest YouTube fans in the world."

"I spend hours some days watching it," he said. "I've probably watched more videos than just about anybody - I'm really a YouTube power user."

To hear Karim tell it, there's no magic in his method.

"It's very simple: I basically create things that I need myself," Karim said in an interview. "It just so happens that sometimes other people want to use that."

So, what do you need ? Create it and get lucky...It's very simple

CO-FOUNDER & CEO Searchme, Inc

Randy talks in front of Stanford Student :

Failure is Good :
a. It's makes you strong
b. It tells you a lesson
c. It makes you become a humble person.

And this is what he did :
Randy Adams serves as the CEO of Searchme, Inc., a visual search company initially funded by Sequoia Capital. Randy co-founded Searchme after acting variously as founder, chairman, CEO and president of seven high technology and retail corporations over a 25-year period. Early on, Randy was a principal at Booz Allen, and then acted as Director of Engineering for Adobe, where he helped conceive the Acrobat and PDF formats. He then secured initial venture funding for Yahoo!, Inc. and served on the Yahoo! Board of Directors during its first year of operation. Randy went on to found the Internet Shopping Network, the first Internet Shopping site, and later originated the eBay drop-off store concept with AuctionDrop, Inc. Randy also co-founded the popular comedy video site, Will Ferrell's, and currently serves as a director on the company's board. He is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering.
Adams lives in Menlo Park with his wife, Nicole and their 7 children.