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A native Indonesian that newly graduated from her university. She is a recently graduated from Computer Science UCLA.
But her work is way beyond her tittle..

At, she design, what I thought as a big floor, and we can travel from tile to tile, amazing slide effect and combination of artistic art image with perfect color blend. Yet it still a simple web site, which demonstration about her skill with css and mootols framework.

In her own word she said
"random things about me: I'm a nerd. I like sci-fi shows like Battlestar Galactica. I've been a decade-long HUGE fan of The X-Files. I also love love love (did she said love?) House MD. I watch a lot of TV shows if you can't already tell =). I like Video Games and webdesigning. I do NOT like shrimp. I drink green tea like it's water. I LOVE dogs and bunnies! I have a thing for hardwood floors and black nail polish. I'm a fob. I'm VERY gifted at finding cute clothes for really cheap ;D. I'm also quiet, but if you talk to me I will be nice!"

We found story about her work at HERE

What new about her works I think is a new approach in site design that thinking a site is not just your monitor width but trully wider than that. And loading this site is not take any longer than flash loading..because she only use color blend to match image blend.

If we can combine it with some technology like PhotoSynth
we can deliver 3D effect as well..this could be a masterpiece..


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