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DN Journal
Editor & Publisher

Began his career as a radio news director at a small station in Ohio, Ron Jackson now known well as Editor and Publisher at DN Journal Sites, a sites dedicated for fascinating Domain Name Industry. A industry that everybody can joint and have very little barrier for new comer just like you and me, to hit profit just with little skill and everybody good at : word game. If you can play scrabble, then this "game" is just perfect-right for you.
Think a word that popular or easy to remember, then you've done. Off course with little luck, a new comer can easily get $100 per transaction, just flipping a name that he bought the other day.

From Ohio, Ron Jackson moved on to television as a news reporter with an ABC-TV affiliate in Florida. Two years after arriving there he became the station’s Sports Director. Later he moved on to a Top 20 market, doing sports for the CBS-TV station in Tampa.
After 20 years in radio/TV he start his own business and opened a series of record stores, an antique shop and various internet ventures. He bought his first domain name in 1997 and put his first site online named In early 2002 he was looking for additional names for his internet projects when he found this DN business. Now Ron Jackson is President of Internet Edge, Inc., a web publishing company founded in 2000.

Thought many critics about domain business say as "word gamble" industry, but still, for newbie, Ron's Journal is one of the first resources to considered about, for everybody want's to jump is this games. With a series of sites dedicated for domain name business, Ron Jackson has a unique "brand" as Domain Names Games Master. He shaped internet industry with his weekly report for "hit" price in domain name transfer accros the internet. You could take a look the report at here.
This is just our opinion that even the report is collecting data from well known auction site like SEDO, Moniker, etc, but we have to preserved ourselfes a cool mind. Because it's really interesting huge profit for a domain bought at $10, sold at $250.000, but there's no written prove that we can confirm. That kind of transaction happen in closed door and never exposed originally. We can only look at auction board, but no chances to check it wether it's right or just a buzz.

We think that a profit value between $100 and $ 1000 is natural, if we take look at Kevin Rose's story when he bought his famous at $1200 after he rejected by's owner at $500. This is true story from Kevin Rose. So if you think a new business and you like scrabble, you may test your luck in domain business, but don't push it to much. Windfall profit in six digit is rarely happen if not a fake story...don't forget to read Ron Jackson site and get all help you need there.


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