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CO-FOUNDER & CEO Searchme, Inc

Randy talks in front of Stanford Student :

Failure is Good :
a. It's makes you strong
b. It tells you a lesson
c. It makes you become a humble person.

And this is what he did :
Randy Adams serves as the CEO of Searchme, Inc., a visual search company initially funded by Sequoia Capital. Randy co-founded Searchme after acting variously as founder, chairman, CEO and president of seven high technology and retail corporations over a 25-year period. Early on, Randy was a principal at Booz Allen, and then acted as Director of Engineering for Adobe, where he helped conceive the Acrobat and PDF formats. He then secured initial venture funding for Yahoo!, Inc. and served on the Yahoo! Board of Directors during its first year of operation. Randy went on to found the Internet Shopping Network, the first Internet Shopping site, and later originated the eBay drop-off store concept with AuctionDrop, Inc. Randy also co-founded the popular comedy video site, Will Ferrell's, and currently serves as a director on the company's board. He is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering.
Adams lives in Menlo Park with his wife, Nicole and their 7 children.


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