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CEO, Shanda Interactive, China

Chen Tianqiao, the co founder, chairman, and CEO of Shanghai Shanda Interactive Entertainment Ltd. Chen, 36, runs China's most successful Internet gaming company, an operator that raised $150 million in an initial public offering 2004 and then became the best performing stock on the NASDAQ.

Shanda business model is count as pioner in distributing prepaid-card in China. This make Shanda easily earn their income from addicted online gamers.
Millions of Chinese spend hours and hours playing the games Chen supplies. One of Shanda's top games, a fantasy adventure called The World of Legend, attract as many as half a million users playing simultaneously. Shanda earned $74 million last year on sales of $157 million, and analyst expect profits to top $100 million on 2005. At $2.6 billion, Shanda's market capitalization is the biggest of any Chinese Internet company.
Yet after a successful 2004 offering his company, Shanda Interactive Entertainment, which he founded and owns with his younger brother Chen Danian and his wife, Luo Qianqian, has lost some stream because of imitators. To overcome this, Shanda early 2005 bought a 19.5% stake in Internet portal Sina to boost its presence beyond online gaming.

"We want to be the leading interactive entertainment company in the world,'' says Chen. "Right now, compared to Disney or Universal we have no competitive advantages based on traditional technologies. In movies, for example, we cannot compete with Universal. But in 10, 20 years, there will be several global interactive entertainment companies, and I want the biggest to be Shanda.''

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